Utility Bills in Bangkok and Rent

If you’ve just moved into a condo, apartment or a house then every month you can expect to pay the 2 main utility bills: Water and Electricity. These 2 bills are standard and will need to be paid monthly. Rent is also usually paid monthly. Cable and Internet are optional, but if you decide to get them you can expect an additional bill in the post every month. Let’s take a look on how to pay these utilities/rent.


It’s important to pay your rent promptly every month. A good relationship with your owner is important. Owners like tenants to look after their properties but, just as importantly, they like the tenants to pay the rent on time! This good relationship can work in your favour should you like to renew your contract.

There is a number of ways to pay your rent. You will need your owner’s account details to pay, which are usually found somewhere in the contract.

Visit any branch of your owner’s bank and pay over the counter. Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn, SCB and others can be found virtually anywhere in Bangkok. Most malls will certainly have one. Simply fill out the slip, pay the cash, and keep the receipt. Always keep hold of your receipts to avoid any confusion.

Paying rent via ATM Transfer requires that you hold a Thai bank account and card. Simply insert your card and transfer to your owners account. Please note that there can be a small charge it your transferring between banks. Also, many banks will put a limit on the amount you can transfer so, depending on how much your rent is, you many need to do more than one transaction.

Another option is to use internet banking. It is possible to set up a transfer domestic or international.

If you live in an apartment the rent is usually paid straight to the office.


If you live in a condo you can expect your bill to arrive monthly in your mail box. It is advisable to pay your bill promptly as the MEA will not wait long before cutting the electricity to your condo. This can result in a trip to your local MEA office to get re-connected     usually a lengthy hassle.

The easiest and simplest payment method is the 7/11. Simply take your bill along with some cash and pay it. They will staple a receipt to your bill as proof of payment. There is a small handling fee but this is far more convenient than paying at your local MEA office as they close at 3:30pm and are few and far between. There is an office located at Chit Lom BTS and On Nut BTS if you rather pay there. For the MEA website please click here. The MEA call centre hotline is 1130.

For apartments, the bill is usually placed in your mail box and it’s to be paid at the office every month. Please be aware that the electricity unit price can differ between a condo and an apartment. The unit price for condos is government rate; this is the cheapest possible rate. Apartments can charge what they like for electricity – so make sure that you ask what the unit price is before you move in. Electricity, after your rent, is your main bill.

Electricity Bill from the MEA Thailand

Electricity Bill from the MEA Thailand


The water bill will also arrive in your mail box every month and  it needs to paid at the condo or apartment juristic office. Water is pretty cheap in Thailand and if you live in a one bed condo, your bill will usually be under 100 Baht per month. A family of 4 living in a house will usually be paying under 300 Baht per month. Apartments can charge extra for water so, again, please check the rates before you sign that lease.

Monthly water bill in Thailand

Monthly water bill in Thailand


There are many providers out there but  it may not be possible for you to take advantage of this fact. Some condos and apartments will only have TOT, whilst in others you may be able to have TOT, TRUE, 3BB among others… The prices are pretty similar True currently charges 699 Baht for 10 Mbs, however prices change constantly so please check the prices from True.

The bills can be paid at all the usual places:  7/11, ATM, Banks and Main Branches. True has an outlet available in most malls.

Cable TV  

There are 2 main providers: True and CTH. CTH now have the rights to show the British Premier league football. There are a wide variety of packages on offer. The knowledge pack from true starts at 299 Baht per month for 87 channels. The premium platinum HD pack costs 2155 Baht per month for 147 channels more information on True cable packages can be found here. CTH now have the rights to the British Premier League. Please click here for more information.

As with most utility Bills in Bangkok the cable TV bill also can be paid at any 7/11, Banks or at a local True office.

If you would like more information on renting a condo or an apartment, Please contact Rent Bangkok Condos here.