Condo locations – where we go?
At Rent Bangkok Condos we have a wide selection of condos for rent in Bangkok. We cover pretty much all of the city from Bearing to Mo Chit and down through Silom, Sathorn and beyond. We have numerous units all along the BTS and MRT… We also have a comprehensive database with over 10,000 properties listed. We have units ranging from studios to penthouses as well as Single houses and apartments. We also try to cater for most budgets and our units start from 15,000 Baht upwards. YOU decide where to go with Bangkok Condos – we supply the answer to your needs and we take the hassle out of finding that perfect condo for rent in Bangkok.

Condos, Apartments and the Law
Please be advised there is a difference between Bangkok condominiums and apartments. Depending on where you reside in the World they can mean completely different things. UK citizens and a large region of Europe (amongst other places) also use the term “flats” but, in simple terms in Thailand, a condo (condominium) is a unit inside a building comprising of many units. These buildings are built by developers and the units inside the buildings are then sold on to individual people – freehold or leasehold. An apartment is a home within a building that is owned by one entity – this individual/group of people is the landlord for all residing within. It’s also worth noting that foreigners can also buy condos as long as it’s in the 49% foreign quota.
Condominiums are governed by the Thailand condominium act B.E. 2522 (1979) amended 2008. If you’re considering buying a condo in Thailand please consult a reputable lawyer. At Rent Bangkok Condos we can guide you through the process.
To expand further, apartments are different to condos. You cannot buy a unit inside an apartment. The owners of said apartments can also levy charges higher than what you normally pay in a condo. Condominiums have utilities at government rate. Electricity bills and water is usually far cheaper than apartments. Always check your contract thoroughly before signing. You can check out this article for further details on the differences between condos and apartments.

The Condos
Bangkok has hundreds – if not thousands – of condominiums. They come in all shapes and sizes from the very small to huge skyscrapers. The top condominiums have superb facilities on par (and sometimes better!) than 5 star hotels. Fitness rooms, saunas, swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, gardens, Sky gardens, 24 hour security, BBQ areas, and children’s areas are the norm… Most of the smaller condos will also have at least a swimming pool. Here are a few examples of popular condos in Bangkok.

Swimming Pool At The Millennium Residences

The millennium residences bangkok swimming pool


Duplex Style Unit At Emporio Place

Emporio Place Duplex Living Room

Pet friendly Condos
It’s worth noting that nearly all condos in Bangkok are not pet friendly. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but the majority are not. Some places, however, will allow cats only and some will allow both cats and dogs. If you take a cat or a dog into a non-pet friendly condo you could lose your deposit and can be asked to leave immediately. Please let us know if you have any pets and we can try and find a suitable condo or an apartment for you.
The process of renting a condo
The Bangkok rentals market is extremely fluid. Condos are sold and rented on a daily basis. Prices can fluctuate wildly between condo to condo – even in the same building for exactly the same size unit given that the landlords are a variety of individuals. The prices are set by the owners and not us as agents that try only to get best prices for our clients. Agents can recommend a market valuation to the owners but this advice is not always taken… A good agent will speak and share their thinking with any prospective tenant on a good price at a condo for a unit – whether it’s for sale or rent.
The process of actually renting a condo is a simple one. You send us an enquiry listing that details your requirements and we will search for you. We will then contact you and show you suitable condos. Once you choose a condo we will start negotiating with the owner on your behalf. Once an agreement is made a deposit is then required to make the booking (remove the property from the market). Before the tenant moves into any property in Bangkok 2 months deposit and 1 month rent in advance are required. This is very rarely/HARDLY EVER negotiable.
In a condo you can expect to pay the following on top of your rent: Electric, water, cable and internet if required. Condo maintenance fee is nearly always the responsibility of the owner, but always check you contract.
For a rough guide on what the bills will be like in a 40 Sqm 1 Bed condo please note the following:
Water approx. 100 Baht
Electric approx. 1500 Baht
Cable (depends on package): Gold HD Pack currently 1568 Baht Per month
Internet (depends on package): 7-10 MBS 599 Baht per month
You can read more on paying Bills and what to expect in this article.


Renting a condo is an ideal solution for anyone looking to live in Bangkok long-term. There are condos suitable for singles and large families; it remains the number one housing solution for most people looking to reside in Bangkok for any length of time. The choice is endless and there will usually be a good unit available for all. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.