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Have you just moved in?
So, if you’ve just moved into your new condo, the chances are that you will require some furniture. Maybe you will need appliances from small to large: utensils, bedding, water filters and fans… the list can be seemingly endless.
Although condominiums usually come fully furnished, small items may still be required.
If you have just purchased a bare shell unit, the cost of decorating this unit can soon add up…Especially if your tastes are imported Italian sofas and top of the range German ovens. Be prepared to spend a lot!
Let’s go and take a look at where to shop…
Tesco’s, Big C and Makro

Bic C Bangkok

Most of the bigger stores stock various appliances from washing machines to TV’s, rice cookers, water filters, toasters, kettles, convection ovens and textiles such as bedding, rugs towels etc… Right down to your basic kitchen utensils. You name it and they will probably have it. If you can’t carry it or get it into a taxi they will usually delivered it for a small fee too. However, the quality of some of the items can sometimes be a little questionable. I would not expect the toasted sandwich maker that you purchased for only 250 baht and manufactured by a company unknown in the west to last a lifetime! However, if you plan on only staying a year or so they should suffice. The larger household appliances that carry a well know brand name such as Samsung, Panasonic , LG etc. should carry the same guarantee that is expected anywhere in the World however.

Ikea, Index, SB furniture, Home Pro, Power Mall and Power Buy

Home Pro Bangkok
Swedish furniture giants Ikea recently opened up their first flagship store in Thailand at Mega Bangna. It has been a welcome and much needed addition to the status quo of Index, SB furniture and Home Pro. Ikea has provided customers with new and appealing choices with competitive prices all under one roof. All of these stores provide delivery and assembly at a cost – including IKEA. These stores are a step up from the Tesco’s and Big Cs – offering 3D design solutions for your unfurnished condo.
Home Pro, SB furniture and Index can be found in most malls and outlet shopping centres in Bangkok – often competing together on the same floor. Ikea provide a free shuttle service from Udomsuk BTS exit 5: The first trip departs Udomsuk at 10am and runs on the hour throughout the day. The last trip back from Ikea Mega Bangna is at 11pm. There is also another shuttle route running from Bangakapi to Ikea daily. Please confirm the route and departure times at http://www.ikea.com/th/en/store/bangna/store_info as they subject to change.
Power buy and Power mall stock the same well-known brands as Tesco’s and Big C that are priced roughly the same. They do, however, have a far greater range of stock. Particular if you are looking at the higher end of the electronics market. These are the places to go if you’re looking for that 84 inch HD TV for your new 40 million baht duplex you have just purchased! These stores also supply European and American brands so, if there’s something you have been struggling to source in Bangkok, take a look at these stores.

Power Buy Bangkok

Paragon, Emporium, Mega Bangna and Central World
These 4 malls are some of the biggest in Thailand and some of the biggest in the World! Central World and Paragon come in at numbers 6 and 24 respectively but there are many more: Central Chit Lom and Fashion Island to name a few as they also deserve a mention. There are literally thousands of stores to shop from – the choice is endless.
If you’re looking for something bespoke and top of the range then this is the place to come. You can find imported goods from anywhere in the World within these malls including items that are not stocked in the stores mentioned above at the right price! So, if you’re looking for that imported sofa from America or that bespoke Italian kitchen then this is the place to shop!

Facebook, Craigslist and more…
Facebook groups, Craigslist, Bangkok Post, Various Bangkok magazines and Notice boards located outside Villa market and Foodland supermarkets are also worth checking out. There are plenty of bargains to be had as Bangkok is a very transient city – people come and go all the time. Many of them look to offload their possessions at a good price before they leave as it’s usually just not worth the hassle or the cost of shipping them onwards before they leave. A situation that most of us will eventually experience in the future!
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