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Let’s take a look at living inside a Moo Baan…


“What is a Moo Baan?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s basically just a housing estate. A gated housing community that come in all different shapes, sizes and ages with each property having its own price and characteristics . Some of these communities have facilities such as Swimming pools, Parks, Tennis courts, fitness centres, restaurants, shops etc. and some don’t. Most, if not nearly all of them, have security. Some of the more “up market” Moo Baans have an almost overwhelming amount of security. Security when you first arrive, check Taxis and all cars/vans coming and going…License plates are checked and recorded while a stamp is usually needed to leave the Moo Bann if you are not a resident. Inside the Moo Baan there is yet more security: They are usually split into “zones” and in each “zone” there is usually additional security – not quite as stringent as the main gate yet more than enough to put off an opportunistic burglar. This level of security is very reassuring and it’s definitely a plus point.

Perfect Place ramkhamhaeng

Large lake inside perfect place housing estate


So if your looking for a house to rent in Bangkok its best to take a look at some of the other pros and cons of living in a Moo Baan in Bangkok:


As I have already mentioned, we have the facilities; the swimming pools, the parks, the restaurants and the security… but we also have a sense that the air is cleaner and somehow fresher. Many of these Moo Baans are quite simply huge with some even boasting lakes! Whereas living in a condo or an apartment can sometimes feel claustrophobic, Moo Baans are quite the opposite. There is space to walk a dog or to go cycling – it’s what makes Moo Baans such a great option for ‘farrangs’ looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all. If you are a family with children and pets it is well worth considering a Moo Baan and living in a house with a nice garden is generally far more suitable if you have children or dogs than living in an older style condo or apartment.

Restaurant inside Moo Baan Perfect Place Ramkhameng Bangkok

Restaurant inside Moo Baan Perfect Place Ramkhameng


At what cost does all this piece and quiet rent at?

Well, the houses can offer a far greater standard of living on cost by SQM ratio than a condo. Very nice up market estates have nice houses to rent in Bangkok from around 30,000 baht and top prices can far and away exceed well over 100,000 baht per month. The cost of houses to rent in Bangkok in the lower end Moo Baans can vary – it just depends on the quality of the build, the location, age etc…the same factors that govern prices in any sector of the property market all over the World. You will need to look around and do your homework as some of the houses, even those on the newer Moo Baans, can start to look very old very quickly. Inside and out many houses are seemingly just left to rot and some have been built in a very Thai style – no ovens, very few western mod cons and basic kitchens (a stove and a gas bottle) will also be the norm. The interiors can look very dark with a lot of heavy wood furniture that may not be suitable for a western family. However, the more you pay the more likely that a house will be similar to homes that you are a accustomed to. Also, don’t forget that, if you are a foreign family then you will not be able to purchase a house yourselves – unlike the rules for a condo.

Swimming pool in the Moo Baan

Swimming Pool inside the Moo Baan


So where are all these massive housing estates?
Well, not in downtown Bangkok that’s for sure! Get ready for a commute and for that commute you will probably need a car (and for that car a driver’s license and a whole load of patience if you’re fighting the traffic on a daily basis!) Living in a house is not for everyone that’s for sure. If you’re working in downtown Bangkok and you enjoy all the nightlife and the restaurants that Bangkok has to offer then a Moo Baan is probably not for you! However, if you have a family/pets and long term commitment with work, then renting a house in Bangkok and living in a secure gated community could be an ideal solution for you…


Moo Baan Bangkok Park and facilities

Moo Baan Park


House For Rent in Perfect Place, Ramkhameng 164, Bangkok

House for rent Perfect Place, Ramkhameng 164, Bangkok

House for rent Perfect Place Bangkok


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