Renting an Apartment in Bangkok

If you’re looking for an Apartment for rent in Bangkok then please read the following guide. In our previous guide we took a look at renting a condo in Bangkok and the differences between condos and apartments. In this guide, we will briefly discuss the differences between the 2 again and take a look at what you can expect from an Apartment.

Where are they?
Like condos in Bangkok, apartments are everywhere. They are situated at every BTS and every MRT, and, like condos, they are available in all sizes (studios to large penthouses) and the prices range from the very cheap (under 5000 Baht) to the very expensive (over 100,000 Baht). Quite simply, like condos, they cater for everyone. At Rent Bangkok Condos we have access to apartments all over Bangkok so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Grand Villa Apartment Ekkamai

What are the differences between condos and apartments?
The main difference between condos and apartments is that apartments are owned by one entity. This could be one person, one family, or one company. This entity will own the entire building and every unit in the building. You cannot buy units inside the building freehold and you cannot expect protection under the condominium act. As this one entity owns the entire building they can set the prices for utilities. Unit charges for utilities can often be higher than a condominium and some places may also charge a premium for car parking, cable TV, internet etc…
You can read more on the differences between condos and apartments here.

Modern style apartment at Ekamai Gardens bangkok

What are the advantages of renting an apartment?
You may be wondering why anyone would go looking for an apartment for rent in Bangkok. Well, there are a few advantages to renting an apartment. Many apartments offer more space than a condo. Though many apartments are older, you get more SQM for your Baht. Apartments will often have large spacious balconies where condos generally tend to have very small balconies. Some apartments will allow cats and dogs while very few condos will allow pets at all. It’s also easier to get things fixed in an apartment as most will have an in-house maintenance team taking care of any problems that you encounter. Some apartments will also offer free internet and cable. Another main advantage that apartments have over condos is that they nearly all allow a company contract (where your employer pays your monthly rent). Very few condo owners will accept a company contract for various reasons. Apartments can also be very accommodating if you have your own furniture – they can often move any items that you do not require from the unit. Many condo owners are simply unable to move out furniture as they don’t have the storage.
The apartments
Most apartments look the same as condos. They will often have the same facilities: Swimming pools, gyms, saunas, play areas, gardens, parking and 24 hour security. Some apartments are serviced and offer a hotel style experience. Please check out some of our most popular apartments.

Large Balcony At pet friendly TBI Tower apartment bangkok

Swimming Pool At El Patio Apartment Bangkok


Paying Bills
As we have already discussed, apartments can essentially charge what they like for utilities. Many condos are often old as are the air-con units. What can often appear cheap at first glance takes on a completely different story once the bills start coming in. A large apartment with old air conditioning units and a high unit rate for electricity can often see bills north of 10,000 Baht. Apartments can often quote rental prices minus the VAT and water is usually charged at a higher or a set price. Cable and Internet can also be charged at a set price or can be free. Some condos may also charge extra for parking. Electricity bills are usually paid at the apartment office and not as the 7/11 and likewise the water. Internet and cable will either have to be paid at the office or the 7/11 – depending on the apartment. Apartments usually have their own contracts so please check every contract very carefully and always find out what your monthly commitments are.

Apartments can be an excellent choice for many. If you’re looking for a large space/big balconies or have a cat or a dog then apartments can be an ideal solution. There are some truly great apartments in Bangkok that offer real value for money. At Rent Bangkok Condos we can help you weed out the good from the bad. Please contact us to arrange viewings.